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For many of us, the Big Mac is an unbeaten staple on McDonald’s menu.

Many fast food products have not lasted the test of time, but the sacred Big Mac still remains a winner.

Created in 1967, it shows no signs of disappearing, with its secret sauce still as tasty as ever.

So if there’s one sandwich you don’t want to mess with, it’s this one – with millions sold every year.

Nevertheless, Aldi has thrown their hat in the ring with a new McDonald’s inspired range – and opinion is very mixed.

We’re not sure about how the fast-food giant feels about it, but shoppers have been left intrigued.

With very little effort to hide their source of inspiration, the supermarket chain has launched a range of fast-food favourites, including chicken nuggets, hash browns and a Big Stack Burger, all served in a cardboard box.

After a trip to his local shop and the golden arches, Kent Live writer Toby Bryant has written about the similarities (and many differences) between the two.

He notes that both Aldi products share very similar packaging with McDonald’s, meaning this might be a cheaper option that keeps children happy.

But it’s all about the flavour – so let’s get down to business.

The Big Mac vs The Big Stack

Writing for KentLive, Toby said: “First up was the battle of the burgers. Opening up the Big Stack box, the first thing I noticed was that the burger would require assembly.

“I’d never been known for my handiwork or DIY skills, so the prospect of doing so was an intimidating one.

“Nonetheless, I followed the detailed instructions on the side of the packaging and set about my task.

“It was quite the process involving the complicated task of heating up the burgers in the microwave. The burgers went in for two minutes, being flipped halfway.

“The moment of flipping was an unpleasant one as I was forced to feel the slimy patties. I wasn’t holding much hope. The burger buns and sauce were defrosted and then I was building my burger.”

But after cooking, Toby visually compared the two – and it was clear that McDonald’s don’t have anything to write about.

He said: “The Big Mac was far fuller than the Big Stack, which looked a sorry sight with no lettuce.

“As I bit into the Big Stack, it was easy to tell it had been cooked from defrost just before eating. Whilst I’m sure my beloved BigMac goes through a similar process behind closed doors, it was far easier to tell with the Big Stack.

“I have to give Aldi’s new arrival credit for its meat which did taste like meat… a low bar, I know.

“The burger sauce was much more potent than the McDonald’s version with strong tones of mustard.

“Whether that’s a good or bad thing will be up to the individual and I did find myself enjoying it at moments.”

But he says a “wave of relief” swept over him when he tucked into the Big Mac – which ultimately proved a triumph.

Aldi Chicken Nuggets vs McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

The chicken nugget comes in many forms – with many of us loving the battered golden delight.

But McDonald’s nuggets are one of their most-sold items – so Aldi needs to have brought their A-game to win this fight.

Sadly, Toby described it as a “bloodbath” with McDonald’s sweeping the floor here.

He wrote: “I’m not even the biggest chicken nugget fan, but after tasting the Aldi nuggets, I grew a greater appreciation for the Maccies trademark product.

“Aldi’s nuggets tasted exactly like any other cheap frozen nugget you might get from a supermarket.

“The batter was like cardboard and the chicken was unsatisfying compared to the McDonald’s nuggets.

“After devouring the two BigMacs, I was feeling pretty full and decided to leave the remaining Aldi nuggets for my housemates.

“They dived in excited, unwise as to the brittle nugget disappoint that was in store for them.”