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Guests on A Place in the Sun turned down the chance to own a beautiful castle in Spain as it was “too small” for them.

In the most recent episode of the Channel 4 show, married couple Alison and Lee were on the hunt for a property in Albox in Almeria, Spain that would accommodate the couple plus their four dogs, and visits from their six children and three grandchildren.

With a budget of £150,000, the couple stipulated that they wanted a modern property with a garden large enough for an olive grove and orange tree.

Presenter Ben Hillman managed to find them a castle house situated in an idyllic location, which seemed like a perfect match.

The property featured a swimming pool, wrap-around garden with a grassy lawn, plants and fruit trees, and a roof terrace boasting uninterrupted views of the valley and mountains.

The impressive home was valued at just under £172,000, putting it just out of reach of the couple’s budget.

When Alison and Lee arrived at the site, they loved what it looked like from the outside.

But when they took a look inside, the couple weren’t so keen.

Lee told Ben: “It is so impressive, it is so much fun, but it’s a little bit smaller than what we’d like.”

Sounding shocked, Ben hit back: “No, it’s not is it?”

Alison chipped in: “Yes it is. It is just two-and-a-half bedrooms really.”

“You’re not to be able to tell your friends you live in a castle now! Oh gosh, where do we go from here? I think we have seen a bit of everything.”

But Ben had one more place to show them.

The fifth and final property was a beautiful three-bedroom villa in Urcel, which ticked all of their boxes.

Alison and Lee immediately put in an offer, and after some negotiation, the villa was theirs for £168,000.